Our Product

I. Ethiopian Green Coffee Bean

Ethiopian Green Coffee Bean

Ethiopia, widely acknowledged as the birthplace of coffee-producing the most dramatic coffee beans known for their pungent and distinct wildness in their acidity from any other coffee beans found anywhere in the world. 


RUKO Trading has molded these rich heritage of Ethiopia in to its brand model building, an has vowed to be the path of reintroducing Ethiopian Coffee to the world.  We offer Arabica Green Coffee Beans of much more varieties from different parts of Ethiopia such as Sidamo, Yirgacheffe, Harrar, Limu , Guji and much more varieties.

II. Ethiopian Roasted Coffee Bean

Ethiopian Roasted Coffee Bean

Ethiopian specialty grade coffee beans are the finest you’ll ever roast, but they are also some of the ficklest. The unpredictable, high density, differences in screen size, and unknown varieties make them tricky to manipulate while roasting. Our team has mastered the art of roasting coffee to perfection delivering you the crisp and citrusy Sidamo, bright and floral Yirgacheffe, intense and heavy-bodied Harrar, sweet and spicy Limu, and the tropical, silk-bodied Jimma Coffee. We recognize the position we hold in assisting our clients in finding the perfect roasting profile and to make an impact with a thoughtful and collaborative approach to every one of our partnerships.